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Tips For Successful Home Improvements

tips for home improvementsIf you’ve recently purchased a home, you may be considering some improvements. While some home improvements will increase the value and appeal, others may not be good investments and end up being counterproductive. Weigh the costs in terms of time and money when considering an improvement to your home. Not only should you make sure you have the funds to cover the costs, make sure that you have plenty of time to invest into the project to finish it. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before making any home improvements:

Will the home improvements increase the value of my home when I am ready to sell the property?

Some home improvements have a long lifespan. For example, new cabinets or flooring are staples that’ll most likely increase or decrease the appeal for the next buyer. Paint, on the other hand, is an inexpensive improvement that may be easily changed for the next owner. Think about whether the home improvement will increase the value or appeal of your home for the next buyer.

Will the improvement increase the energy efficiency of my home?

When you’re ready to buy new appliances or to replace an HVAC system, try to purchase the most energy efficient model within your budget. Energy efficient appliances and HVAC equipment save you money on your energy costs over time. These items will also increase the value of your home. You might live in a region that qualifies for tax incentives for the installation of energy efficient building systems too. Check with the Directory of Energy Efficiency Programs in Canada at for more information.

Could my kitchen or bathroom benefit from a few improvements?

Particularly if you own an older home, improvements to these rooms will increase the resale value. Make sure to select patterns and materials that’ll appeal to a future buyer. Try to avoid making improvements that don’t fit with the size and layout of the home. You might like a whirlpool tub in the master bedroom but if the tub doesn’t fit naturally into the space, a potential buyer might see it as a negative.

Will I recoup the cost of the improvement when I sell the home?

Many people dream of installing an in-ground swimming pool. However, the costs of installing a pool usually far exceed the money you’ll recover when you sell the home. Try to stick to improvements that’ll at least recover your investment when you sell.

Should I improve the landscaping around my home?

Upgrading the landscaping of the home tends to increase “curb appeal.” Upgrading plants, shrubs and sidewalks, and refinishing driveways will increase the value of the property. In addition, you’ll enjoy the upgrades while you own the home. Many landscaping projects are do-it-yourself opportunities and are fairly inexpensive. A little time and effort may dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home. A lot of landscaping jobs can be split into smaller projects that may be finished over a weekend. Remember that strategically placed trees and plants will also conserve energy and make your home more energy efficient.

Could the exterior of my home use a fresh paint job or a good pressure wash?

One home improvement that always increases the value and enhances curb appeal is exterior paint. Painting the exterior of the home breathes new life into the home and increases its resale value. If the home is brick or stone, pressure washing the exterior will make the home look new again.

Should I upgrade the roof on my house?

A new roof will increase the value of the home while enhancing the appearance. Many new types of roofing materials are now available, including decorative metal. You might want to consider a new roof to improve the overall appearance of your house.

Are there any benefits to upgrading insulation in my home?

Installing additional insulation will increase the energy efficiency of your home. Insulation is relatively inexpensive and a large area of insulation may be applied in a short period of time. If your home already has a layer of insulation, add additional layers to increase the energy savings. Insulation’s R-Value (the measure of how the insulation conducts heat) is cumulative. This means that if the current insulation has an R-Value of 15 and you place a second layer of insulation with an R-Value of 15 overtop, the total R-Value of the insulation is 30. The more insulated the home, the cooler your home will stay in the summer and the warmer your home will be in the winter.

Should I replace my ugly, old mailbox?

Replacing the mailbox is a simple project that may be completed in just a few minutes. An ugly mailbox, while not a major factor, can take away from the overall appearance of the front yard. Replacing the mailbox increases the curb appeal and makes your home appear more inviting.

If you’re a new homeowner, you’re probably searching for home improvement projects that may be completed in a short period of time at reasonable costs. Always keep in mind how the next buyer will perceive the improvement. Though you may keep the home for a long time, eventually you’ll sell the home to another buyer. Make sure that your home improvements increase the resale value and don’t detract from the overall beauty of the home.

What type of home improvements do you recommend? Please leave your comment in the box below.