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Creating Your Home Buying Team of Professionals

Are you buying a home for the first time? If so, it can be exciting but also stressful at the same time. To make the process much easier, you must understand that there are several people you’ll need to stay in contact with while buying your home. The home buying team you put together will be critical in all aspects of your home-shopping experience. These people will be able to help you find a reasonably priced-home and also help you steer clear from scams.

In order for you to understand the process of buying your home, lets take a look at the people you’ll likely be collaborating with to complete your home buying team.

Mortgage Broker

Your mortgage broker will make sure that you qualify to buy a home. He or she will help you gather any needed information to fill out your loan and will also be responsible for making sure that your loan gets final approval.


In order to avoid bypassing important legalities, always make sure you’re represented by an attorney. An attorney will help you out during the communication processes that take place when you’re purchasing your home, which makes the process easier on you. He or she can also help protect your legal and financial interests by properly filling out all the documents that are involved in buying your home. Many times, these documents will include final settlement statements, purchase contracts, and more. In most instances, obtaining these types of services from an attorney will cost you about $800-$1000.

Real Estate Agents

Finding homes that are available for purchase is sometimes the hardest part of purchasing a home, but a real estate agent can come in quite handy when it comes to finding and choosing a home. A real estate agent is a critical part of your home buying team.

A real estate agent will help you find a home that not only suits the taste you’re looking for but also the financial budget you’re needing to stay within. The commission that this agent makes is from the seller, so there is no cost to you.

Partnering with a realtor is very advantageous because he or she will look for other types of properties other than those listed through real estates. He or she can even help you find homes that are comfree , which of course helps expand the list of available properties that you can choose from.

A real estate agent, many times referred to as a listing agent, helps the seller of homes find buyers. In most instances, his or her commission is dependent upon a price agreed between him or her and the seller of a home.


You’ll partner with an appraiser when purchasing your first home because he or she will assess the property that you’re considering buying and will also assess its fair market value. An appraiser completes his or her job by reviewing and analyzing any recorded data that relates to the prospect property, as this allows him or her to provide you with a rough estimate as to how much you can expect to pay for the property. In most instances, the factors that affect his or her estimate will include the home’s location, any renovations that have been completed on it, and its size. In most circumstances, the cost of hiring an appraiser will run anywhere between $250 to $500.

What’s been your experience with the professionals of a home buying team? Please leave your comments in the box below.