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5 Security Tips For Your Home You Should Consider

security tips for your home imageYour home is your castle. It’s a place for you and your loved ones to feel comfortable and protected. Wouldn’t it make sense to properly protect your new home from unwelcome intruders and environmental dangers such as fire, flood & carbon monoxide? Here’s 5 security tips for your home you should consider.

Did you know that your chance of a break-in is reduced by 400% when you have a monitored security system and proper signage? This statistic is real, the insurance industry recognizes it and will provide you with a discount on your home insurance rate.

Home security systems are a necessary evil in today’s society. Years ago we could leave our doors unlocked. These days, a window left open on the main floor is an open invitation for an intruder to get in. But how do you go about when choosing the right security system that suits the needs of your first home?

5 Security Tips For Your Home You Should Consider:

Is there already an existing security system?

Great! More often than not, an existing security system can be taken over and re-activated. Sometimes, the control panel, which is the brain to the alarm system, and the keypads, need to be changed at a fairly small cost. You want to make sure to request that every existing device, such as door contacts and motion sensors are tested before they are tied in.

Choose a security provider you can trust!

How do you know which company is the right one. Trust should be the very first factor to consider. Insist on an on-site consultation.  Trust your gut feeling. Do you feel comfortable that your are talking to someone trustworthy? Is there eye contact? Does the security provider have a proven track record?

Does the monitoring station know the area you live in?

Make sure the security company offers 24-hour monitoring. If the monitoring station is located in a warm climate rather than in your own province, how do they understand that a wireless contact may fail if is minus 36° outside. Consider a local security provider and ask for testimonials.

Consider a monitored smoke detector

Who is going to hear your regular smoke detector going off if no one is at home or what if you are overcome by smoke inhalation and can’t get to a phone for help. The monitoring station receiving a signal can dispatch the fire department and inform them that there a children or pets in the home to be rescued.

A security system can be much more than preventing a break-in

Ask your security consultant about environmental protection against carbon monoxide, rightfully labelled the silent killer. Let a low temperature device alert you before your pipes begin to freeze. Prevent water damage with a flood a/o sump pump detector. Perhaps you have elderly parents living with you and require a medical alert device. Will your child come home after school before you leave the office and you want event notification and remote access for peace of mind.

Make sure you choose a trustworthy security company that is willing to properly consult you on the many different options available. Don’t put up with high pressure sales people that will insist on a decision on the spot. Finding peace of mind for you and your loved ones in your new home, your very own castle, can be as easy as having a monitored security system that fits your needs.

Ulli Robson imageUlli Robson is a trusted security consultant with ten years of experience in residential & commercial security. Her approach is an old-fashioned one, she meets her clients on-site to provide solutions that will be installed on-time and on-budget. Her latest security solutions integrate your smart phone to control temperature, turn on or off lights, even view cameras right in the palm of your hand, anywhere you have Internet. As a security specialist, Ulli is focused on providing peace of mind that is simple and convenient. Contact Ulli: 780-288-2896 | | Twitter

Do you feel secure in your home? What’s the best security tip you have to offer? Leave your comment in the box below.